EMS is not equal to EMS!

About our magical frequencies

This is because the frequencies that are passed on to the body with the impulses are the decisive factor in whether your muscles are only “stimulated” or really “trained”.

The previously known low frequencies (up to 100Hz) only irritate the muscle by reacting to a twinge. This does tense the muscle, but rather as if it were frightened. This does not mean that low frequencies are bad. Quite the contrary. But to be fully effective, the frequencies must be carried deep into the muscle.

And now Visionbody EMS comes into play!

Only the middle frequencies (2,000Hz to 10,000Hz) are able to carry the impulses deep into the muscles and ensure that the muscle is really tense and thus really trained. And in a gentle and pleasant way. Before, the muscle rather got a shock, which led to a tightening of the muscles. Not a nice feeling…!

But that's not all!

At Visionbody we have found that you can train your muscles even more effectively if you mix low and mid frequencies together in a certain way, like a “cocktail”. Only the mixture of the two types of frequencies creates a real deep muscular tension, which also feels natural. Just like traditional training! 

 This is the reason why we are so proud of our EMS technology… Fast-twitch muscle fibers (type II) can only be trained with extremely heavy weight and few repetitions or with fast and explosive exercises like jumps. But these special “type II muscle fibers” are extremely important for losing body fat, but also for our health into old age. 

The older we get,the more likely these muscle fibers break down. This is especially a problem for best agers, but equally so for anyone else who doesn’t move much in everyday life. However, our special “frequency cocktail” makes it possible to target 80% fast-twitch muscles in a Visionbody EMS workout. Regardless of the type of workout! This means that you can now train fast-twitch muscles while walking. Unimaginable, say most who hear this!? Not anymore. Our advanced EMS technology makes it possible!

What you get out of it?

You will be able to become very strong regardless of age, gender and genetics, stay that way and stay young much longer. Our suit is the best retirement plan you can buy right now! Even if you are not a sports enthusiast. Do what you enjoy and still get all the benefits that proper weight training would give you.

Imagine only having to be active 2-3 times a week for about 10-20min to get all that. Fortunately, you don’t have to imagine it anymore. You can just do it now. 


Everything you need for this:
our Visionbody EMS wireless suit
our Visionbody EMS wireless box
an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad and our appn
Already the EMS training with Visionbody can start. At home, in the office, in the park, on the beach or wherever you want.