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Two women by a pool in fitness attire


The WELLNESS program relaxes body and soul after an intense. With its wave-like impulses, it brings you into a state of total relaxation.

A group of people smiling and posing together


The MASSAGE program can loosen tight muscles, while a constant EMS pulse stimulates and actively promotes blood circulation.

A man in a black body suit performs a yoga pose


The CONTINUOUS program is intended for athletes and is not interrupted by relaxation periods.

Two people jogging on a beach


Use the GETTING STARTED program to familiarize yourself with the Visionbody system and get a feel for VBS training.

Woman performing a battle rope exercise in a gym

Fat Burning

The FAT BURNING program stimulates the muscles and metabolism, which in turn then stimulates fat burning. Say goodbye to stubborn cellulite!

Woman lifting a weight plate at the gym.

The STRENGTH program is designed for muscle building. Here you can also choose between different intensities and training lengths.