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EMS를 통한 근육 성장

허리 통증 EMS 사용

We’re going to show you 3 warning signals that will help you to identify what is either causing the pain in your lower back or could cause back pain in the future and how to address it.

거실에서 전신 EMS 슈트 운동을 하는 여성

# 1


The first warning signal for identifying and fixing pain in the low back is tight hip flexors.
Because of their attachment to the lumbar para spinal muscles, the hip flexors will pull on those muscles, which will then manifest itself as low back pain. Addressing the tightness in the hip flexors will help to alleviate any back pain you currently have or may be at risk of having in the future.

거실에서 전신 EMS 슈트 운동을 하는 여성

# 2


Having weak glutes will cause the muscles in the lower back to do extra work, leading to overuse and fatigue in those muscles which will lead to low back pain. A good way to test our glutes is to perform a hyper-hold for at least 2 minutes. If you fail to hold that position for 2 minutes, you’re likely suffering from a glute weakness. This means you need to start adding glute strengthening movements. Strong glutes will directly help to prevent low back pain.

# 3


The third warning signal for low back pain is the inability to stand for more than 20 minutes without pain, constant shifting, and no anterior pelvic tilt. If you notice this as a recurring problem, that means that the muscles in the lower back do not have the endurance to hold yourself up for extended periods of time. An anterior tilt will cause the hip flexors to not only pull on the muscles in the low back but will also cause the lumbar paraspinal muscles to do more work to hold your body up.


무엇인가요? 솔루션?

There are many treatments available to help ease and recover from lower back pain, but adding EMS technology to your recovery training sessions can help strength relevant muscle groups faster, leading to better full-body wellness and faster relief from pain.


EMS is not only a performance booster, but an incredible pain reliever for back pain caused by lack of adequate muscular support. For decades, EMS has been used to heal pain and other diseases. Science has proven that low and middle electrical frequencies are helpful for more than just relaxing tight muscles, but also to strengthen them more deeply.

EMS in combination with stretching routines is a very effective way to fix tight hips and gluteal muscle activation. To activate the glutes, you need training that works deep within the muscles to strengthen them at their core.

With the addition of EMS technology, you can achieve the effects of 4 hours of intense training in as little as 20 minutes.

이엠에스(전기 근육 자극) 트레이닝복을 입은 두 사람이 해변에 서 있습니다.
노란색 그래픽 요소와 브랜드 로고가 특징 없는 마네킹 몸통에 표시된 검은색 피트니스 수트입니다.

THE ORIGINAL 가정용 비전바디 이엠에스 파워수트.

비전바디 EMS 파워수트는 최신 세대의 EMS 수트. 당사의 혁신적인 최첨단 세컨드 스킨 슈트 디자인은 번거로운 와이어와 불편한 슈트 구성 요소 없이 편리하고 사용자 친화적인 경험을 제공합니다.

반소매와 다양한 로고와 마킹이 있는 검은색 전신 운동복입니다.

THE ORIGINAL 가정용 비전바디 이엠에스 파워수트.

비전바디 EMS 파워수트는 최신 세대의 EMS 수트. 당사의 혁신적인 최첨단 세컨드 스킨 슈트 디자인은 번거로운 와이어와 불편한 슈트 구성 요소 없이 편리하고 사용자 친화적인 경험을 제공합니다.